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Situated at a meeting point between Europe and Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea, Tangiers is a door to discover Morocco. The mystery surrounding this city remains the same as when it was an International Zone.

No other African city is closer to Europe as Tangiers. No other love of the Eastern World can compare with the love that many Europeans and Americans have for Tangiers. From your arrival via Spain (Tarifa–Tangiers) following a trip of approximately 35 minutes, our guide in Tangiers will welcome you on your first day.
Following the city’s own structure, your visit will also consist of two parts:

Mountain of Tangiersr: The mountains seat on the west side of the city, populated with beautiful trees and magnificent mansions; on the straight you will find the Beach of the Jews and at its western end, the lighthouse with its beach.  Further to the south you will find the pre-historical Caves of Hercules and the Roman Ruins of Cotta, together with the tourist resort, the Mirage, and the vast Beach of Jeremiah.

The Medina:   With its white walls, windows and narrow streets, the gate to the Kasbah will lead you to another Tangiers. The Medina will offer a good opportunity to go shopping. The most attractive products of this country are leather, silver, Berber jewellery and hand-made carpets.
Your lunch will be served in a typical restaurant, which will offer you an excellent opportunity to enjoy Moroccan cuisine, music and traditional dance. A brief stop at the spice counter is the best choice before leaving the souk. At the end of your visit, our guide will take you to your ship.

Guides: any language.

2 people: Mercedes A4
3/6 people: deluxe people carrier
Over 6 people  VIP Bus


– Pick You-up from Your Hotel inTangier
– Transport in 4×4 vehicle(minibus)
– Driver-Guide

Not includes:


Day Trip To Ouzoud waterfull

Excursion to Cascades Ouzoud: to see the biggest waterfalls in Morocco. Departure at 08h00 (about 167 km, 2 hours and half).
The most beautiful waterfalls in Morocco. Waterfalls (ouzoud in Berber means ?olive?, refers to the cultivation of olives in this area), rushed from a height of 110 meters into the river.
During the ride to the river, there are numerous tiendecillas of souvenirs and in the end, some boats transporting you to the other side (there is also a small bridge to cross on foot). This place is very quiet and relaxing and is the destination (in summer) of many Moroccans who are looking for a little cool. Typical meal at a restaurant and picturesque in the way of waterfalls.


– Pick You-up from Your Hotel in Marrakech
– Transport in 4×4 vehicle(minibus)
– Driver-Guide

Not includes:


NOTE : If the itineraries that we offer does not match what you’re looking for ,contact us and we will prepare the trip to your needs and requirement

THE PRICES are depends of the member of people

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