2Nights In Desert By Camel

Camel Trekking Tours


At this excursion you will get the best night ever under a moroccan desert sky

All of our camel trekking tours develop a complete nomadic way of life experience. This includes: a nice camel ride through the dunes, a welcome tea after the sunset, a local dinner under the stars, sleeping in a Berber tent and, of course, the magical and unforgettable sunset and sunrise over the dunes.

Our expert guide will accompany you through this extraordinary scenery of the dunes and help you to have a magnificent experience in the desert. With our propose, you will live the same way as Bedouins in Sahara Desert.

Don´t hesitate! Come to Merzouga and enjoy a genuine desert adventure.

Two nights in Desert Camp Merzouga with Camel’s ride

This trip, as the previous one, begins in the afternoon. It starts with a camel ride from a hotel near the sand dunes. The camels are packed with food, blankets and everything what we will need. The trek start right into the desert with one hour and a half camel ride, till we reach the camp. Be ready for the best sunset ever in the high dunes!

After the welcome tea, you will be able to enjoy the stars and the shiny moon, in the darkest and clearest night you can see. During the first night in the desert, we taste some local food and talk with local people in the full equipped camp, with drums music and great environment in the middle of the Sahara.

We sleep in traditional nomad tents till the sunrise. We get up early to see an incredible sunrise, again from the high dunes. We have breakfast and then we ride the camels to visit nomad people. We have lunch and talk with them, getting deeply into their culture, history and way of life.

In the early afternoon, we ride the camels back to the camp. When we reach the camp, we leave the camels and take the sand broads. We walk to the high dunes, visit an oasis into the dunes and walk back to the camp after the sunset. We have another delicious dinner and enjoy another amazing night under the stars.

In the morning, after enjoying once again the sunrise, we ride the camels back to Merzouga, where we’ll have a traditional breakfast and a good shower in the hotel in Merzouga.

Price: Depend on number of personns
The Price includs :

* A room in the hotel where we organise our desert trips to leave some of your luggage & shower
* Parking for your car (if you need)
* Nomad tents (Desert camp)
* Dinners and breakfasts
* A camel for each person, all the camel rides and guide
* Bottled water
* Sandboarding in the dunes

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